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Grand Canyon Committees

Presbytery of Grand Canyon

Commission on Ministry

The Commission on Ministry provides oversight of the relationships between ministers and congregations and between ministers and the Presbytery of Grand Canyon. When congregations face challenges, the Commission is able to provide guidance regarding leadership changes or filling of vacancies.

Congregational Resourcing

The Congregational Resourcing Team (CRT) provides resources to congregations, new worshiping communities, the organizations and missions the PGC partners with, through grant opportunities, ongoing education and guidance throughout the Presbytery as a whole. Recognizing that, we work together better to continue Jesus Christ’s mission.

Leadership Team

It is the responsibility of the  Leadership Team to reflect on the whole of Presbytery’s life; plan the Presbytery meetings; reflect on, evaluate and add focus to the core values and mission directions; oversee ministry exploration through the mission teams, and to award mission initiative grants.  It is comprised of 12 members with the Presbytery Pastor, Stated Clerk, Moderator and Moderator elect participating as ex-officio members.

Operations Team

The Operations Committee oversees the administration of the Presbytery as an organization. It is responsible for Personnel, Nominations, Minutes, Representation and Communications.

Permanent Judicial Commission

The Permanent Judicial Commission exercises the judicial functions of the Presbytery.

Preparation for Ministry

The Committee on Preparation for Ministry will function as a committee to approve all matters related to the enrollment of Inquirers, advancement of Inquirers to candidacy and “certification of readiness to be examined for ordination pending a call” shall be approved by the Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM) in plenary session upon recommendation of the committee’s liaison groups and examining subcommittees. (see the Manual of Operations for a complete list of duties)

Resources Team

The Resources Committee assures that the financial and real-estate resources of the Presbytery are handled competently, transparently, and fairly.

Committee Chairs
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