Preparation for Ministry - Grand Canyon

Preparation for Ministry

The Committee on Preparation for Ministry will function as a committee to approve all matters related to the enrollment of Inquirers, advancement of Inquirers to candidacy and “certification of readiness to be examined for ordination pending a call” shall be approved by the Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM) in plenary session upon recommendation of the committee’s liaison groups and examining subcommittees. (see the Manual of Operations for a complete list of duties)

Current Membership

Chair: Elder John Corey

Class of 2021
Rev. Michael Hegeman, Pinnacle
Rev. Bob Malsack

1 Vacancy

Class of 2022
Jim Hershauer, University
Rev. Shelly Moe
Rev. Peggy Roberts

Class of 2023
Elder John Corey

Rev. Helen Kester

1 Vacancy