Leadership - de Cristo


The Leadership Team shall serve as the leadership body of the Presbytery, monitoring/adjusting/challenging/leading the total mission and programs of the Presbytery. The Leadership Team shall function in (a) a generative mode, providing Biblically and spiritually-grounded, missionally-oriented conversations that may, in fact, challenge the current strategic direction of the Presbytery, (b) a strategic mode, in partnership with the Commissions and Committees, as they together work to establish and accomplish the goals of the Presbytery and (c) a fiduciary mode as required by law in the Leadership Team’s role as Trustees of Presbytery de Cristo.

Current Membership

Elder Martha Ashton, Valley
Rev. Ken Skodiak, Northminster

Elder Andres Molina, Papago United
Rev. John Tittle, Immanuel


Sue Hallchurch, , Mtn. Shadows
Rev. Mary Harris, HR