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Mission - de Cristo


The Mission committee coordinates, develops and executes strategies in concert with the mission and community outreach commitments of the congregations of the Presbytery. It exercised oversight and authority over immigrant congregations, new worshiping communities and new church developments and serves as the agency of the Presbytery which interprets the mission of the Presbytery to its congregations and members- requesting support for the mission of the Presbytery.

The Presbytery de Cristo mission partners are: Companeros in Mision, Frontera de Cristo, Korean Presbyterian Tucson, Middle Easter Presbyterian Fellowship, Papago United Presbyterian Church, Presbyterian Campus Ministry, Tucson Borderlands Young Adult Volunteers.

Current Membership


CRE Larry Biehl – Christ Tucson

RE Robb Victor – First Douglas

Rev. Sungmin Son – Korean Tucson



RE Bonnie Thompson – Northminster Tucson

RE Billie Holbrook – Trinity Tucson

RE – Treena Parvello – Southside Tucson



RE Peter Holbrook – Trinity Tucson

RE Vicky Johnson – St. Andrews Tucson

RE Ruth Van Otten – Faith Sierra Vista (chair:


Ex oficio

Brad Munroe (presbytery pastor)

CRE Josefina Ahumada (liaison from leadership)

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