Commission on Ministry - Grand Canyon

Commission on Ministry

The Commission on Ministry provides oversight of the relationships between ministers and congregations and between ministers and the Presbytery of Grand Canyon. When congregations face challenges, the Commission is able to provide guidance regarding leadership changes or filling of vacancies.

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Current Membership

Chair: Rev. Ann Conklin

Class of 2021
Rev. Ann Conklin, Mesa First
Jo Lewis, University
Jean Montgomery, Desert Palms
Jamie Ortiz, Celebration of Life
Rev. Terry Palmer
Rev. Mary Saylor
Rev. Tom Tripp, Sun City First

2 Vacancies

Class of 2022
George Prohaska, Mission del Sol
Rev. Charles Proudfoot
Paul Rooker, Pinnacle
Hilbert Schouten, VahKi
Rev. Paul Soderquist

Frank Walmsley, Gilbert
Hector Zavaleta, Guadalupe

2 Vacancies

Class of 2023

Rev. Jeff Baxter, Emmanuel

Charlotte Fafard, Sacaton

Mickey Gilsdorf, Peoria

Anthony Hill, Gila Crossing

Rev. Linda Lloyd

Rev. Linda Worsnop, Palo Cristi

3 Vacancies